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President Donald Trump (R) won the presidential election in South Carolina on November 3, 2020.

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Democratic Party in South Carolina on February 29, 2020.[1][2] The South Carolina Republican Party voted on September 7, 2019, to cancel its presidential primary.[3]

South Carolina was one of the four states, each from a different geographic region of the country, to hold an early primary. In the Democratic primary, South Carolina is “critically important to Democrats running for president. Its large African-American voting bloc makes it a key state for those trying to capture the party nomination.”[4]

South Carolina is one of three states (alongside Alabama and Colorado) with nine electoral votes, making it tied for 22nd-most among all states. South Carolina was carried by the Republican presidential candidate in every election between 1980 and 2016; the last Democrat to carry the state was Jimmy Carter (D). Between 1900 and 2016, South Carolina was carried by the Democratic presidential candidate in 53.33% of elections and by the Republican in 43.33%.

In the 2016 electionDonald Trump (R) carried South Carolina with 54.9% of the vote to Hillary Clinton‘s (D) 40.7%.

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