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The MASF Digital Platform

Welcome to the New MASF!

We're celebrating our 20th anniversary with our new digital infrastructure. 

The new Website is built on the rock-solid Drupal 8 content management platform, the same platform used by such robust applications as NASA, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The White House, and the most data-intensive application on the planet, Weather.com.

Along with our new enterprise-grade CRM, the MASF is poised to support thousands of volunteers in the 2020 campaign to elect Republican candidates nationwide. You may visit our States Pages by clicking on any of the flags you see here.

Destruction Not Decay

US Attorney General William Barr, in an invitation-only address to students and faculty at the law school at Notre Dame, summed up the current, chaotic state of affairs in America as less a function of moral decay than a program of active, targeted destruction.

MASF Outreach - Focus on 2020

Dr. Carol M. Swain, MASF National Director for Outreach to the Black Community,  is an award-winning political scientist and a former tenured professor at Vanderbilt and Princeton Universities. As a former Democrat, Dr. Swain has spoken out boldly about the involvement of the Democratic Party in obstructing the civil rights of Black Americans from the time of Reconstruction through the 1960s. Her examination of the misconceptions surrounding the Republican Party and its role in the passage of landmark civil rights legislation in the face of Democratic Party opposition is bold and courageous.

The Birth of The MASF

The Birth of a Movement

Twenty years ago, MASF National Chairman Rick Potter and  a group of concerned Texans were eager to assist in promoting then-Governor George W. Bush to the White House. Their strategy was simple: fly, drive, take a bus or train to the nearest battleground state and assist the local Republican committee in getting out the vote. Their strategy worked and the Mighty Texas Strike Force was born.

MASF December Goals

500 New Volunteers

$5,000 New Funds

The Mighty American Strike Force doesn't use paid fundraisers, so your entire contribution goes toward putting boots on the ground in key battleground states.

Thank you for your help, and please consider joining as a volunteer.