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President Donald Trump (R) won the presidential election in Oklahoma on November 3, 2020.

The Democratic and Republican parties held primary elections in Oklahoma on March 3, 2020. Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Democratic primary on March 3, 2020. President Donald Trump won the Republican primary.[1][2]

Oklahoma is one of three states (alongside Oregon and Connecticut) with seven electoral votes, making it tied for 27th-most among all states. Oklahoma was carried by the Republican presidential nominee in every election between 1968 and 2016; the last Democrat to carry the state was Lyndon B. Johnson (D). Between 1900 and 2016, Oklahoma was carried by the Republican candidate in 65.52% of elections and by the Democratic candidate in 34.48%.

In the 2016 electionDonald Trump (R) carried Oklahoma with 65.3% of the vote to Hillary Clinton‘s (D) 28.9% and Gary Johnson‘s (R) 5.7%.

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