Mighty Texas Strike Force

They are calling it the Mighty Texas Strike Force. It’s the Republican Party of Texas’ effort to provide support for Republicans in Georgia who are trying to hold on to their U.S. Senate seats.

Both of Georgia’s Senate races are headed to an unprecedented dual runoff in January. If Democrats flip those seats, they will take the majority in the Senate, giving them control of both Congressional chambers and the White House. It’s not a scenario Republicans can stomach.

The Texas GOP sent out a call to arms:

“Hello Patriots! The MIGHTY TEXAS STRIKE FORCE is ready for the fight again! You are receiving this email because I know you are as concerned as we are about the plight of the U.S. Senate. With your help, we ARE going to hold the Senate — preserving the balance of power and the true values of our nation,” the party’s message read.

The party is mobilizing boots on the ground for block walking in Georgia as well as volunteers back here at home in Texas for phone banking, texting, notecards and social media.