Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It is possible that some scholarship assistance for volunteers in need may become available but there is no guarantee. Many volunteers raise support from friends and supporters to assist them with this effort.

Yes, individuals may spend up to $2,000 in travel expenses. All other personal expenses are unaffected by regulations.

The election is still a significant time period away. Polling data we have today will almost certainly change in the coming months. Our plan is to seek guidance from the Republican National Committee and the Trump Campaign and make final deployment decisions on approximately September 14, 2020, which is 50 days before the 2020 election day, The key battleground states may include some of the following states, but this list will likely change as we analyze polling closer to the election: Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. (subject to change as the campaign progresses). Volunteers will be working to help the Republican Party retain control of the U.S. Senate, win back the U.S. House and keep President Trump in the White House for four more years We hope to have most assignment decisions made no later than 50 days prior to departure dates so we can help our volunteers secure the lowest possible air fares. For those willing to travel anywhere that is needed, you may also choose this option and we will be in touch with you.

You will be working with local Republican Party leadership in any capacity needed to get out the vote. You may be walking door to door, calling from a phone bank, social networking, and managing political rallies. We are there to assist and support the local effort. We are similar to the special forces in the military.

Dress comfortably, but remember that you are representing the Republican Party and our nominees.

Each Team Captain is responsible for coordinating travel and lodging arrangements with our MASF Travel Coordinator and notifying members of their team of all travel details. Early voting advance teams will be deployed throughout the month of October arriving on the ground any time you are available between October 1st and October 30th. All General Election Team Leaders and Team Volunteers are asked to try to be in their assigned city by Friday, October 23, 2020. Volunteers may always arrive earlier if their schedule permits. All General Election Team leaders and volunteers will return home on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, the morning after Election Day.

Team leaders and teams will be assigned by the Mighty American Strike Force State Chairman of your state. We encourage everyone to consider being a Team Captain and recruiting 10 friends to join your team or, you may request to be with a friend.

Rates vary with the location. You should plan to spend approximately as much as you would for a week away from home. Logistics will be determined by the Team Captain. Some areas may have arranged for transportation and meals for team members.

If at all possible, we hope you will stay until the polls close on Election Night, November 3, 2020, Stay to finish the job! Please remember to vote early or by absentee ballot before deploying to your designated battleground state!

The Republican National Committee will be offering numerous training sessions in cities nationwide to equip all of our volunteers with important campaign training prior to their deployment. Conference calls with Team Captains will also take place to detail instructions and areas of assistance.

MASF is also working to build teams to help in targeted areas of every state to assist us with your home state’s internal campaign efforts. Complete an MASF Volunteer application on our website, www.masf. and indicate your home state as your preferred state. Local MASF representatives will contact you with more specific information on where you are needed and how you can help.

Honorary Strike Forcers are always welcome! We are happy to include them as team members of MASF.

You may help by volunteering office time at the Republican Party office in your home state or by recruiting additional MASF team leaders and team members. We are recruiting volunteers in major contested Republican races in your home state and greatly appreciate any help you can provide. We will also have a Stay at Home Team to assist with social networking and making phone calls into Battleground States.

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