The MASF Digital Platform

The New MASF Website

Welcome to the New MASF!

We're celebrating our 20th anniversary with our new digital infrastructure. 

The new Website is built on the rock-solid Drupal 8 content management platform, the same platform used by such robust applications as NASA, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The White House, and the most data-intensive application on the planet,

Along with our new enterprise-grade CRM, the MASF is poised to support thousands of volunteers in the 2020 campaign to elect Republican candidates nationwide. You may visit our States Pages by clicking on any of the flags you see here.

Please help us to Keep America Great by submitting your name as a volunteer. And,  please visit our Contribution Platform. We are all volunteer and use no paid fundraisers. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to putting boots on the ground in the critical battleground states. We need your help, because President Trump can't do it alone.

Check back here frequently for news and headlines from our national organization and from the organization in your state. And, be sure to follow us on   Twitter.

We ARE the ground game.